I'm Lily! A midwest, dessert-after-every-meal type of gal and I'm always up for a new adventure! Pretty much obsessed with my dog, Rosie and cutie baby, Calvin. If we're friends, I WILL make you come over for a dinner party (which most of the time just involves grilling brats/burgers). I talk really loud, especially when I'm excited about something. Expert at being goofy and awkward. Travel enthusiast. I can promise that I will most definitely be breaking it down on the dance floor at your wedding. Mac and cheese is my love language. Let's be friends! I'll bring food. And drinks ;)

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Working with Lily is an absolute dream! She is so incredible at making you feel comfortable, and the moments she captures are breathtaking! She has this magical way of really capturing the joy and warmth of the experience of the day."

"I would cover my walls with them if I could"

Five star reviews