When I'm not making a fool out of myself behind the camera, you can find me drinking wine (or Truly's), hanging out with my pup and baby, doing a Bar Method workout or bugging my husband about where our next camping trip is going to be.

I'm really into spicy food and will eat it until I'm literally sweating and can't feel my mouth. You can ALWAYS catch me marathoning Friends (could I BE any cooler?), Gilmore Girls or Grey's Anatomy for the 27th time. I'm a firm believer in windows down and music blaring in the car whenever possible.


About ME

costa rica


So what would a shoot with me look like? Casual, laid-back and FUN, with lots of laughing, dancing around, and me making a fool out of myself. My goal is to capture the love, happiness, joy and laughter that you feel with your boo in a still photo. 

One of my most favorite things is adventuring to new places with my couples. There's something about exploring unknown territory with your hunny that is just so magical. Not only is exploring a new place together super exciting on its own, but on a deeper level, you also learn tons about each other and your vibe as a couple along the way. I'm better able to capture you both in a totally unfiltered, purest-of-the-pure way. These are rare moments that only happen when you don't have your everyday routine to stand in your way.

Willing to travel to the ends of the earth for love.

Clark and I were married in September 2018 on some friend's land and it was the most uniquely 'us' day filled with pour-your-own-wine, kegs, puppy chow during our ceremony, a diy-ed dance playlist, Clark's dad's homemade BBQ, donuts, and lots of our favorite people.

We knew from the beginning that we weren't the type to have a traditional wedding, and looking back, we wouldn't change a darn thing. My dress is completely ruined (no hope of dry cleaning that baby!!),  our guest's shoes definitely got muddy, but the incredible memories that we made didn't have anything to do with whether the flowers were arranged just right, or if my hair was way frizzy by the end of the night from breaking it down on the dance floor.

I didn't have the typical white wedding.
And I loved it.

I'm all about the in between moments